Should I send images I like to my photographer?

With the rise of photo sharing sites like Pinterest I often get couples sending me pictures prior to the wedding. Whilst I welcome this I can see why some photographers don’t and I have outlined some reasons below.

The reason I welcome it is that it helps me to understand what the couple want and their vision for the wedding day. The only problem is that each wedding is unique, each couples story and venue is different and not to mention other factors such as weather, light and timings. Unfortunately, here in the UK you can’t guarantee sun, even in August. A good experienced wedding photographer can work in any conditions but it still means that it can be hard to compare to other images in different settings.

But despite this I think the biggest challenge is that every photographer is different and their styles unique. It’s one of the things I love so much about my job and the industry as a whole. To help you get the images you want you should start with your photographer selection. Pick a style you like before you go any further or have a look around the web to find images you like and you might find a certain style speaks to you. If you look through a photographers site and love the work then look through some complete weddings and you should get a feel for their style.

Once you have booked a photographer I think if you find images that you like then it should be no problem sending them, just remember that it’s an idea for the photographer and not for them to recreate exactly and you should be fine. Ultimately look through your photographers work first but don’t be afraid to look around the web as I know it’s great for inspiration and helps with the excitement of the big day.

We actually have an Evolution Images Pinterest page which you can use to share boards or images to prior to your wedding day. Just remember to have a good chat with your photographer and most of all enjoy your big day.